Alliant Energy Announces Additional Wind Energy Investment


Madison, Wis.-based Alliant Energy Corp., has released its annual environmental report, which highlights Interstate Power and Light Co.'s (IPL) and Wisconsin Power and Light Co.'s (WPL) environmental performance, as well as the status of plans to upgrade its utilities' electric generation fleet, expansions to its renewable energy portfolio and energy efficiency programs.

‘Our renewable energy portfolio is doubling in size, we're planning to use the latest and most reliable coal technology available and our energy efficiency programs are among the best in the nation,’ says Bill Harvey, chairman, president and CEO of Alliant Energy.

The 378 MW of wind energy IPL and WPL purchase in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin ranks Alliant Energy in the top 10 among investor-owned utilities, according to the American Wind Energy Association. IPL and WPL will invest over $1 billion in new wind energy by the end of 2010, according to Alliant Energy.

A section of the report focusing on air emissions includes Alliant Energy's position on climate change, first announced in 2006, and reports on the progress of its Clean Air Compliance Program.

SOURCE: Alliant Energy Corp.

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