Adapters Link Onset Weather Stations To RM Young Sensors

Bourne, Mass.-based Onset Computer Corp. has introduced a line of new wind sensor adapters for connecting the company's research-grade weather stations to RM Young Inc.'s wind speed and direction sensors. The new adapters extend the range of wind-monitoring applications that are possible with Onset weather stations, while broadening the company's weather-sensor product offerings.

‘While we already offer a number of research-grade wind sensors, linking up with RM Young sensors opens up many new harsh-environment applications, such as wind site evaluation, wind turbine performance monitoring, coastal weather monitoring and air quality monitoring,’ says Paul Gannett, product marketing manager for Onset.

Onset's line of research-grade weather stations include HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring Systems, 4-channel HOBO Micro Stations and 15-channel HOBO Weather Stations.

According to the company, the systems offer plug-and-play operation and can be equipped with a range of sensors for measuring air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall and barometric pressure. A range of data communications options are available, including GSM cellular, Wi-Fi, ethernet and direct USB.

The new wind-sensor adapters will be available starting March 31.

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SOURCE: Onset Computer Corp.


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