8tree Launches waveCHECK Turbine Inspection Tool


8tree has launched its newest product – waveCHECK – a 3D inspection tool designed specifically for the needs of inspecting wind-turbine blades during and after production.

“When the wind power industry approached us a few years ago with the problem of subjective, inconsistent and inaccurate wrinkle measurements on composite blades, we embraced the challenge,” says Erik Klaas, CTO of 8tree.

“Working in collaboration with leading wind-blade OEMs, we recognized that 8tree’s 3D surface inspection technology and one-button design philosophy could remedy the industry’s problems and reduce manufacturing rework. The result of this development journey – waveCHECK – has already demonstrated up to 40 times improvement in gage R&R results compared to traditional methods for wind-blade inspection during the manufacturing process,” he adds.

waveCHECK relies on 3D optical scanning to help wind-turbine blade manufacturers quantify critical defects with improved confidence. The AR-enabled visual feedback empowers technicians and engineers to instantly measure the direction, width and height of wrinkles on composite material. This end-to-end digital workflow, helps operators quickly define repair strategies for wrinkle defects.

waveCHECK saves repair time, reduces rework costs and increases the reliability of wrinkle measurements. This leads to higher safety standards and product quality in blade manufacturing, notes the company.

Photo: 8tree’s landing page

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