3TIER Launches First Look API

Seattle-based 3TIER, an independent provider of renewable energy assessment and power forecasting services, has launched an application programming interface called FirstLook API.

This new service provides the technical mechanism and licensing rights for third parties to integrate 3TIER's wind and solar resource datasets into their own operations and customer experiences. These scientifically derived datasets were developed as the foundation for 3TIER's FirstLook Prospecting, a free online tool that provides access to initial solar and wind resource data through high-resolution maps.

‘The FirstLook API offers access to the initial wind and solar assessment data that is available through FirstLook Prospecting, as well as extended datasets that are not publicly available,’ says Kenneth Westrick, CEO and founder of 3TIER. ‘Companies can use the FirstLook API to integrate these datasets into their own customer experiences, developing added value and more complex applications tailored to the needs of their customers.’

Extended datasets available through the FirstLook API include average annual wind power density, and monthly average wind speed, temperature, and air and power density.

In addition, the FirstLook API enables clients to develop personal applications that integrate renewable resource information into tools that facilitate the decision-making process, such as internal and customer-facing sales tools, product selection tools, project design tools and financial modeling tools.

For more information, visit firstlook.3tier.com.



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