3S Secures Orders For Wind Turbine Climb Auto System


3S Americas Inc., a subsidiary of 3S Lift, has announced the installation of its Climb Auto Systems for an Upper Midwest utility.

Based in Chicago, 3S Americas provides wind turbine safety and lifting/access equipment. The Climb Auto System is a single-technician, ladder-mounted lift that can transport personnel or equipment, eliminating the need for climbing entirely. The system can be installed to any new or existing wind turbine in under 8 hours. Because the system is mounted to an existing ladder, the installation typically requires no changes to wind turbine structures.

“We are very excited to have partnered with a large regulated utility in the Upper Midwest who shares similar values with 3S Lift: to improve health and safety, increase turbine uptime, and extend wind technician retention,” says Giovan Scialdone, president of 3S Americas. “Our Climb Auto System will enable our customers to do just that, which will lead to significant operations cost-savings and grow site technician morale.”

3S Americas also recently received two orders for a total of 176 Climb Auto Systems, which will be installed in Q2 2020. The orders come from two separate customers, one global IPP, and one regulated utility, with one project being a new-construction build, while the other is a retrofit application. Overall, 3S is expecting to install between 600 and 1,000 Climb Auto Systems in the U.S. in 2020, adding to the over 30,000 units currently installed globally.

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