Airgenesis Finds Partner For Manufacturing Double-Rotor Wind Turbine

Posted by Betsy Lillian on July 20, 2017 1 Comment

Airgenesis LLC, creator of a double-rotor wind turbine design, has formed a new partnership with M2Miling Investments Ltd. from Kingston, Ontario.

Under the partnership, the two will manufacture and distribute the M2Y6Y 5 MW double-rotor wind turbine globally. According to Airgenesis, its turbine design uses two rotors of equal diameter at a 30-degree offset.

Testing and manufacturing is expected to begin in late 2017 or early 2018 at Prince Edward Island.

Airgenesis says it has developed technology capable of up to 11 MW of power for both onshore and offshore wind turbines. The early test machines will begin with industry-standard blades; soon after, the company plans to develop blades specific to the design of the machines.


  1. Dear friends at North American Windpower…

    The Airgenesis® Double Rotor Air Wind Turbine concept assures that birds and bats shall be thoroughly sliced and diced during high winds.

    The inherent flaw of the prosaic horizontal axis wind turbine technology is that birds cannot see the fast moving rotor blades — nor can bats echolocate such horizontal axis rotor blades in motion either.

    The only inherently safe wind turbine technology is the vertical axis Savonius Rotor type which always presents a solid image to birds in the daytime and which bats easily can echolocate at night.

    Most birds fly only during the day with the exception of owls. Other raptors such as hawks and eagles are experiencing high daytime hour mortality rates with the now universal proliferation of horizontal axis wind turbine technology.

    Savonius Rotor technology during nighttime hours easily can be made safer for owls with trailing edge LED lighting systems that would present the entire outline of the unit to the birds in flight.

    Another advantage of vertical axis Savonius Rotor technology also is that the units can be placed closer to one another since huge blade sweep clearances are not necessary.

    In the end vertical axis Savonius Rotor technology will prove to be the best answer for all the right reasons.

    Check out the beautiful vertical axis Savonius Rotor units produced by “Windside” in Finland.

    The link to their website is:

    I hope this response to the Airgenesis® double rotor unit resonates with your readers…

    who may come to realize that the current horizontal axis wind turbine emphasis is exactly the wrong technology for a sustainable future on any level of considerate evaluation.


    Dr. Glenn Edward Roy


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