Xtreme Power Selected For First Wind’s Hawaii Project


Xtreme Power Inc. has been selected as the energy-storage provider for First Wind's Kaheawa Wind Power II project. Located on the island of Maui, the 21 MW farm will employ a 10 MW dynamic power resource (DPR) from Xtreme Power.

At the Kaheawa Wind Power II site, the DPR will respond to differences between the farm's output and the needs of the Maui grid, absorbing or delivering power as needed to reduce the variability inherent to renewable energy sources, according to the company.

First Wind will also utilize the DPR to provide Maui Electric Co. with responsive reserves to enable the increased integration of wind energy, as well as to support services such as frequency and voltage regulation.

The Kaheawa Wind Power II project is scheduled for completion in November.

SOURCE: Xtreme Power Inc.

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