Xcel Energy Completes Transmission Projects To Deliver More Wind Energy


Xcel Energy has announced the completion of the Buffalo Ridge Incremental Generation Outlet (BRIGO) transmission projects, designed to increase the system's ability to carry wind power to Minnesota and South Dakota customers.

The BRIGO series of projects installed approximately 50 miles of new transmission lines from the wind-rich Buffalo Ridge area of Minnesota and South Dakota.

Since 1999, the utility has constructed 280 miles of new 345 kV and 115 kV transmission lines and upgraded 300 miles of existing transmission lines and associated substations. The projects increased the system's export capacity from 260 MW in 1999 to approximately 1,200 MW in 2009, according to Xcel.

‘The completion of these projects allows us to more efficiently harvest this area's vital energy resources, and it will also provide more reliable electricity service to our customers,’ says Kent Larson, vice president of transmission and operating services at Xcel Energy.

Work on the BRIGO projects was completed ahead of schedule at a total cost of approximately $55 million, according to Xcel.

SOURCE: Xcel Energy

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