WVPA Certified by Green-e Energy


Wabash Valley Power Association's (WVPA) wind- and landfill gas-generated renewable energy certificate (REC) product, WVPA Wind and Landfill Gas RECs, has been certified by Green-e Energy, a national certification program for renewable energy.

WVPA has offered RECs to its customers since 2004. With Green-e Energy certification, the Indianapolis-based generation and transmission cooperative has taken additional steps to ensure the WVPA Wind and Landfill Gas RECs product meets strict environmental and consumer-protection standards.

‘WVPA is the first Indiana-based company to participate in Green-e Energy by offering a certified renewable energy option,’ says Andreas Karelas, Green-e Energy program analyst. ‘WVPA's REC product has just made it even easier for businesses and institutions nationwide to reduce the environmental impact of the electricity they use.’

In related news, BurstNET Technologies Inc. has joined Green-e Marketplace by purchasing enough Green-e Energy certified renewable energy to meet 100% of the annual electricity needs for its entire U.S. operations.

Scranton, Pa.-based BurstNET Technologies, a Web-hosting and Internet solutions provider, purchased 5,000 MWh of Green-e Energy certified RECs from Community Energy, which sources energy from national wind generation. As a member of Green-e Marketplace, BurstNET can now display the Green-e logo to inform consumers that it purchased 100% Green-e Energy certified renewable energy.

SOURCE: Green-e Energy

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