wpd Canada To Move Forward With Ontario Project


The Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) has dismissed a claim brought by local opponents of wpd Canada's 10.25 MW Sumac Ridge wind farm.

According to the ERT filing, Cham Shan Temple, Cransley Home Farm Ltd. and Manvers Wind Concerns filed a notice of appeal under the Environmental Protection Act, claiming the wind farm was not consistent with Ontario's Renewable Energy Approval. They objector said that the wind farm would cause serious harm to human health and serious and irreversible harm to plants, animals and the natural environment.

However, the ERT dismissed the claim on Feb. 19.

The decision clears the way for construction on the Sumac Ridge wind farm to begin later this year. Located in the city of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, the five-turbine wind project is expected to generate about 26.5 million kWh of electricity annually.

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