WindSim, 3TIER Complete Joint Wind Resource Assessment Initiative

m and 3TIER have completed a joint wind resource assessment initiative that demonstrates the feasibility of combining WindSim's computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling with 3TIER's mesoscale numerical weather prediction modeling in early-stage wind resource mapping and assessment efforts. The companies have now formed a strategic partnership and will begin joint marketing initiatives. Researchers used 3TIER's high-resolution FullView Wind Spatial Mapping technology to provide input data for wind flow simulations in WindSim's CFD-based wind farm design tool. Findings were validated with actual data confidentially provided by a wind farm developer in North America. Researchers chose sites with different types of terrain to examine and compare model results. The combined approach delivered highly accurate results with significant error reduction, on the order of 50% for a site with complex terrain. 3TIER also announced that the company will output its data in WindSim's native .tws file format for tighter integration and a streamlined import method for WindSim's CFD simulations. SOURCE: [u][link=]WindSim [/link


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