WindSentinel To Use GL Garrad Hassan Protocol


AXYS Technologies Inc.'s WindSentinel wind resource assessment buoy will use GL Garrad Hassan's protocol to validate the data that it collects. The buoy uses a Vindicator laser wind sensor (LWS) as its primary wind assessment tool. The Vindicator, developed by Catch the Wind, measures wind data using three pulsed lasers to obtain atmospheric measurements without the need for a traditional meteorological tower, according to the company.

‘By following GL Garrad Hassan's protocol, our clients can maximize the value of the data gathered from the WindSentinel,’ says Graham Howe, international business developer for renewable energy at AXYS Technologies.

In related news, Fishermen's Energy LLC recently purchased a WindSentinel buoy from AXYS Technologies. As a floating platform, the buoy can be built and deployed within six months, according to the company.

The buoy will be deployed close to an onshore meteorological tower for a period of time to confirm the data quality prior to the final deployment at the site of Fishermen's planned 66-turbine wind farm in federal waters 12 miles off the coast of Atlantic City, N.J.

The buoy will not only collect data for wind resource assessment, but also acquire a full range of environmental and weather data, including avian activity.

SOURCE: AXYS Technologies Inc.

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