WindMade Announces Consumer Product Label


WindMade, a nonprofit organization founded in 2011, has launched a global consumer label for products made with wind energy.

According to the organization, the new label can be applied to all products and services that used a minimum share of 75% of renewable energy of their production's total electricity footprint, with wind power representing the largest share.

‘The WindMade product label provides consumers with the transparency they demand and with a credible and intuitive tool to make informed purchasing decisions,’ says Henrik Kuffner, WindMade's CEO. ‘And in addition, it gives companies an instrument to tap into this large pool of environmentally conscious consumers.’

In tandem with the label launch, WindMade is also calling on consumers to show their support for wind power by participating in the Show You Care campaign, through which consumers are encouraged to send photos of products carrying the WindMade label and to promote the new label on social networks.

‘With our campaign, we invite [consumers] to actively show their support and to put pressure on their favorite brands to use this clean, emissions-free energy source for manufacturing our most beloved products,’ adds Angelika Pullen, WindMade's communications director, who is managing the campaign.

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