WindLogics, WISE Employ Triton Sodar


Wind Information Sentinel (WISE), a global wind data management firm, has adopted Somerville, Mass.-based Second Wind's sodar system, Triton, for use in its wind resource assessment projects.

According to Second Wind, the Triton eliminates the limitations of earlier sodar systems and allows wind developers to capture accurate wind data at up to 200 meters in real time.

‘Accurate wind data is the cornerstone of the successful development of a wind project,’ says Ian Lloyd-Besson, CEO of WISE. ‘We see the Triton as filling a gap in the wind resource data that our clients need.’

Also, St. Paul, Minn.-based WindLogics has purchased two Triton profilers for use in concert with SCADA data in a new study on an operating wind farm.

‘Remote data collection is playing a growing role in our work,’ says Mark Ahlstrom, WindLogics' CEO. ‘This year, WindLogics will be deploying two Tritons at an operating wind farm. We're working with the University of Minnesota to use the SCADA and sodar data to develop a high-resolution model predicting wake effects and enabling improved wind farm design. The Tritons will provide reliable and continuous wind profiles under these complex conditions.’

The development phase of this R&D project, conducted as part of the Xcel Renewable Development Fund, will be completed in 2011. In addition to this project, WindLogics will use the Tritons to develop on-site data sets for additional R&D into improved wind resource assessment and forecasting services.

SOURCE: Second Wind

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