WindCube Receives New Standard Classification and Enhancements


WindCube Nacelle is the first nacelle lidar to receive full classification according to the new IEC standard for nacelle-based lidar, states DNV and Leosphere, a Vaisala company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and servicing turnkey wind lidar instruments for wind energy.

The new standard paves the way for increased adoption and acceptance for state-of-the-art Power Performance Testing (PPT). The new enhancements to WindCube Nacelle provide richer data options while making the system even easier to use.

The cloud-based WindCube Insights – Fleet facilitates remote system configuration, monitoring and data access for a single lidar or a fleet. In addition, both WindCube vertical-profiling lidars and WindCube Nacelle lidars can be managed from a single software platform.

Rotor Equivalent Wind Speed (REWS) lidar data output provides accurate rotor-averaged wind speed. This additional value to the standard hub-height wind speed is particularly useful to understand and enable further detailed analysis of most modern, large rotor turbines.

The Vaisala integrated weather sensor, directly mounted on the nacelle-mounted lidar, provides reliable air pressure, temperature, humidity, and rain and hail data for more accurate, air density-corrected PPT that offers insights into the overall performance of wind turbines.

Adaptable mounting options, in addition to the standard tripod, provide more flexibility for quick and reliable installation on any turbine type. 

“Already included in multiple developer and manufacturer turbine supply agreements and leveraging our deep industry expertise and more than 400 successful lidar deployments, we understand that accurate and reliable PPT is increasingly critical to ensuring a wind farm is maximizing output and profitability,” says Matthieu Boquet, head of market and offering for wind energy at Leosphere. “These advanced enhancements further establish our company as the go-to expert in this arena, empowering wind industry players to confidently use our WindCube Nacelle wind lidar to optimize PPT campaigns in onshore and offshore environments.”

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