Wind-Powered Papa John’s Franchisee Adds Solar To Its Mix

Houston Pizza Venture, one of the largest Papa John’s franchisees in the country, will now add solar to its 100% renewable energy purchase as part of a nine-year agreement with TXU Energy.

The Houston-based company has been powering its more than 85 stores with 100% wind power since 2015. However, beginning in 2018, solar power from the new Luminant Upton 2 Solar Power Plant in West Texas will also make up nearly a quarter of the restaurant company’s renewable energy mix.

“As a business owner, it is important to me to know that the electricity powering my restaurants comes from renewable sources,” says Keith Sullins, president of Houston Pizza Venture. “This isn’t an agreement that simply makes us feel good; it also makes financial sense. TXU Energy was able to add solar to our already 100 percent renewable plan without an upfront-cost component.”

The nine-year agreement, which includes both solar and wind, will begin in April 2018 at the culmination of the company’s current 100% wind contract.

The company’s 85-plus stores include Papa John’s, Genghis Grill, Firehouse Subs, and Sure Fire Tacos and Tortilla Grill.

This renewable power agreement is the latest in the partnership between Houston Pizza Venture and TXU Energy. This year marked the third year in a row that Papa John’s and TXU Energy teamed up for Earth Day to deliver tree seedlings with every pizza order. The promotion has resulted in 50,000 seedlings delivered in the Houston area.

“People have asked me why I like doing business with TXU Energy,” adds Sullins. “You can pick almost any energy provider out there and the cost might be similar, but there aren’t too many companies out there that think outside the box; that’s unusual. TXU Energy is a true partner for my business.”


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