Wind Generation In PJM Region Increases 1,300% Since 2005


PJM's Environmental Information Services' Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS) has shown that wind generation in the PJM has increased by almost 1,300% since 2005, and solar generation has increased by 3,000%.

The GATS, which tracks the attributes of all generation produced within or traded into the PJM region, creates a certificate for each megawatt hour of electricity produced. By registering the certificates, the system defines the specific attributes, including fuel source and emissions data, PJM explains.

Originally, GATS tracked certificates to meet the renewable portfolio standards for New Jersey and Maryland. Since then, electricity suppliers in Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Illinois and Ohio have joined and are using GATS to demonstrate renewable portfolio standard compliance. The system also tracks certificates for Green-e.

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SOURCE: PJM Environmental Information Services

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