Wind Energy Sets Record In Spain For Month Of March


Wind energy set a new record in Spain during the month of March, according to the Asociacion Empresarial Eolica (AEE), by producing more electricity compared to other energy sources.

Wind power had a total production output of 4,738 GWh, according to data from Red Electrica de Espana. It was followed by nuclear energy, combined cycle and hydro. Wind power covered 21% of the electricity demand during March.

‘This historic milestone reached by wind energy shows that this technology is not only indigenous, clean and competitive, but also capable of supplying 13 million average Spanish households,’ says Jose Donoso, president of the AEE.

Wind energy in Spain closed 2010 with an installed capacity of 20,676 MW, in line with the objectives of the country's Renewable Energies Plan 2005-10.

SOURCE: Asociacion Empresarial Eolica

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