Wind Energy Industry Gala Winners Announced


The winners of Quebec's 2nd Wind Energy Industry Gala, presented by Hydro-Quebec and sponsored by the Wind Energy TechnoCentre, were recently honored.

Wind farm developer and operator Cartier Wind Energy was honored in the Wind Farm Construction and Business of the Year categories. The wind power company has 319.5 MW worth of projects in operation.

Normand Bouchard, vice president of wind energy at Cartier Wind Energy, received the Personality of the Year award for his professional achievements, leadership qualities and the professional recognition of his peers.

Le Centre Hydraulique HYDREP Inc., specializing in the design and production of wind turbine braking systems, was honored in the Component Manufacturing Category.

Le Groupe Ohmega won in the Service Company category. The company provides wind energy-related automation and telecommunication consulting services.

Gaspe Peninsula firm Techeol Inc., which is responsible for the service and maintenance of four wind farms, was recognized as well.

‘It is important to salute and reward the work of industry stakeholders who daily endeavor to further their expertise and advanced skills,’ says Frederic Cote, general manager of the Wind Energy TechnoCentre. ‘The gala also gave us the opportunity to draw attention to the rapid and intense development of Quebec's wind energy network over the course of the last few years and its ability to meet challenges.’

SOURCE: Wind Energy TechnoCentre

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