Wind Energy Increasing Its Contribution To Ontario’s Electricity Supply


Wind energy is powering Ontario with more clean energy than ever before. According to production records from the Independent Electricity System Operator, energy production from wind was approximately 6% of Ontario's total electricity supply on Feb. 14 – compared to about 1.5% from coal that same day.

Earlier this month, wind energy reached a record level for hourly production with 1,296 MW on Feb. 9.

‘Wind energy is making a significant and growing contribution to Ontario's electricity supply as well as bringing jobs and economic opportunities to the province,’ says Robert Hornung, president of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA). ‘With approximately 700 turbines now operating in Ontario, the wind energy industry is creating new green jobs for Ontario's manufacturing sector at a time when job losses are almost every day news. Wind energy will play an even greater role powering the province through the government's long-term energy plan.’

Almost 300 MW of new wind energy capacity was installed in Ontario in 2010, and significantly more is under construction and on track to be installed this year.

Canada currently has 4,155 MW of installed wind energy capacity. Ontario is the provincial leader in installed wind energy capacity with 1,598 MW (one-third) of wind energy development. Quebec and Alberta together account for one-third and follow at 663 MW and 806 MW, respectively, and Canada's remaining seven provinces together account for the remaining one-third.

SOURCE: Canadian Wind Energy Association

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