Wind Energy Executives Urge Passage Of RES

Wind energy industry executives have called on Congress to pass a strong national renewable electricity standard (RES) as the best way to save and create U.S. jobs.

‘Manufacturers are chomping at the bit to come to the U.S., and it would be a tragedy if this investment were to stop,’ said Donald Furman, senior vice president of Iberdrola Renewables and president of the board of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). ‘The RES is the missing link.’

The press conference took place as 120 wind energy representatives were traveling to Washington, D.C., for Wind Power on Capitol Hill. The industry representatives will hold over 70 meetings with lawmakers to urge the passage of the RES.

In 2009, wind power was neck and neck with natural gas as the leading source of new electricity in the country, according to AWEA.

SOURCE: American Wind Energy Association


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