WI PSC Approves ATC Power Line


Following a year-long regulatory review, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) has given American Transmission Co. (ATC) its verbal approval to move forward with the construction of the Paddock-Rockdale project, a new high-voltage electric transmission line in south-central Wisconsin.

The new 35-mile line, to be built largely on existing right-of-way, will extend an existing connection to Illinois and allow local electric distribution companies access to lower-cost power produced in the region, according to ATC. The savings will be passed on to end-use electricity customers under PSC regulations.

‘This is the first transmission line project within the footprint of the Midwest Independent System Operator that is driven by economics,’ says Randy Satterfield, ATC vice president of public affairs. ‘Although enhanced reliability will be a by-product of the project, the primary benefit of this transmission line to the south comes from the ability of local electric utilities to benefit economically from the wholesale electricity market. This additional high-voltage connection will remove a significant constraint and enable access to lower-cost power in the region – and that translates to savings for electricity consumers.’

SOURCE: American Transmission Co.

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