WePOWER Wind Turbines Will Act As Billboards


Torrance, Calif.-based WePOWER LLC, a developer of clean energy solutions, has launched its Windvertising branded media platform. The Windvertising platform enables the placement of advertising on WePOWER's PacWind turbines which, in turn, generate wind energy to power corresponding advertising billboards through the firm's patented application.

WePOWER's line of vertical axis PacWind turbines will power and display each advertisement. Specifically, each of the turbine's patented, proprietary air-foil blades will reflect an image. As the turbine blades spin (on a vertical axis) the images will appear to move.

The end result is an advertising image powered by wind energy. Additionally, the energy generated by the wind turbines may be used to power a corresponding billboard, creating a multi-dimensional, environmentally sound advertising display.

‘I always tell people to think of Windvertising as a flipbook that you played with as a child,’ says Marvin Winkler, CEO of WePOWER. ‘You simply apply a specific image on each turbine blade, the turbines spin and you get this amazing, moving advertisement that also makes clean electricity to provide power to a traditional advertising billboard.’

WePOWER is currently in discussions with several corporations to develop Windvertising branded media platforms for their consumer brands. Windvertising presents the opportunity for these corporations to portray an environmentally friendly image and provides them with a platform to advertise through an eco-friendly channel. WePOWER will be launching its first Windvertiser in Times Square in the coming weeks.

In addition to its Windvertising branded media platform, WePOWER has also secured the capacity to mass-produce up to 500,000 of its vertical axis turbines in the U.S. within a 12-month period.


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