WebCore TYCOR W Products Receive GL Certification

WebCore Technologies LLC says its TYCOR W fiber-reinforced composite sandwich core products have been certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL) for use in the manufacture of composite wind turbine blades. In addition to TYCOR W's family of products for wind blades, the certification includes the design and manufacture of TYCOR W products at WebCore's Miamisburg, Ohio, manufacturing facility.

WebCore's TYCOR W has been in use for over two years in utility-scale wind turbine blades. The patented composite core material combines fiber reinforcements, such as E-glass roving or mat, with closed-cell, low-density foam in an engineered architecture, WebCore explains.

The GL certification qualifies TYCOR W for use with additional 1.5 MW to 3 MW turbines that have blade lengths ranging from 40 to 60 meters, WebCore adds.

SOURCE: WebCore Technologies LLC


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