Washington State EFSEC Advises Governor To Approve Desert Claim Wind Power Project


Washington state's Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) has recommended that Gov. Christine Gregoire, D-Wash., approve a proposed site in Kittitas County, Wash., for the construction and operation of the Desert Claim Wind Power Project, which is being developed by enXco.

Desert Claim, which would consist of 95 wind turbines with an expected generating capacity of 190 MW, would be located on 5,200 acres of rural land crossed by three major transmission lines.

About 86 acres would be permanently developed for placement of the wind turbines, access roads, substations, underground and overhead transmission lines, and an operations and maintenance facility. About 317 acres would be disturbed temporarily during construction.

The project would also construct and use an interconnection transmission line, 100 to 200 feet in length, to allow interconnection with the Bonneville Power Administration or Puget Sound Energy transmission systems.

Desert Claim Wind Power LLC has entered into a stipulation and settlement agreement with Counsel for the Environment, a party to the proceeding. It has also entered an agreement with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife defining and limiting the project's construction and operation with regard to matters of interest to that department.

The EFSEC has determined that this facility will provide the region with significant energy benefits while not resulting in unmitigated, significant adverse environmental impacts.

SOURCE: Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council

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