Wanted: Emera Begins Energy Solicitation For Canada-U.S. HVDC Line


A solicitation process has been initiated for energy to be bundled with transmission capacity on Emera Inc.’s proposed Atlantic Link submarine electricity transmission project.

Atlantic Link is an approximately 350-mile submarine high-voltage direct current (HVDC) electric transmission line that would deliver 900 MW of clean energy from a new DC converter station to be constructed at Coleson Cove, New Brunswick, to a new converter station to be constructed at one of two proposed landing sites in Massachusetts. The clean energy would be delivered into the ISO-New England market.

Emera intends to place the Atlantic Link, which the company fully owns, in service by the end of 2022. NB Power holds an option to participate in the Atlantic Link as a minority investor.

The project is being developed in response to an expected 2017 request for proposals (RFP) for up to approximately 1.2 GW of hydro and/or wind energy mandated by Massachusetts (under the state’s new comprehensive energy law).

Stakeholder and permitting activities for Atlantic Link are currently under way. Energy transmitted on the proposed transmission line would be bundled with transmission services provided by the Atlantic Link and would be advanced by Emera in response to the anticipated RFP.

Power Advisory LLC, which has been engaged as an independent administrator, will provide assurance to proponents and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as to the fairness and transparency of activities related to the Atlantic Link energy solicitation.

Interested parties can find more information here and submit a non-binding “notice of intention to submit a proposal” form to Power Advisory no later than Jan. 20.

The developer also expects this solicitation process to result in the selection of energy sources to be bundled with transmission service on the HVDC line for offer into the Massachusetts RFP. Until April 12, Power Advisory will receive proposals from qualified parties willing to offer energy for purposes of establishing a bundled offer into the RFP.

Power Advisory and Emera will jointly host a participant conference for qualified parties on Jan. 25. Qualified parties can participate in person, at a location to be confirmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, or via WebEx.

Wanted: Emera Begins Energy Solicitation For Canada-U.S. HVDC Line

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