Wal-Mart To Purchase Wind Energy From Duke


Duke, N.C.-based Duke Energy has entered into an agreement with Wal-Mart to provide electricity for its growing Texas market. This partnership will be the first substantial purchase of wind energy in the U.S. by Wal-Mart. The deal also represents one of the first sales of power directly from a specific wind project to a major retailer.

Beginning in April, Wal-Mart will purchase electricity directly from Duke's Notrees Windpower project, in Ector and Winkler counties, Texas. The project will provide renewable energy for up to 15% of 360 Wal-Mart stores and other facilities in Texas.

The first phase of the Notrees facility will enter commercial operation in December. This generation capacity is part of the 500 MW of wind power Duke Energy will have online by the end of this year. When completed in 2009, the Notrees project will provide 150 MW of electricity.

SOURCE: Duke Energy

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