Vestas Ranked Among The Best Employers By MBA Students


Vestas has been named among the world's 100 most attractive employers by U.S. MBA students. Vestas was ranked 98th. Google, McKinsey & Co., and Goldman Sachs were ranked as the top three companies, respectively.

The results of the American MBA Survey, compiled by research firm Universum for CNN, reveal how MBA students perceive companies/organizations as employers in the U.S.

The research functions as a basis for decision-making when recruiting MBA students, determining messages and channels for future employer branding campaigns, and as a control instrument for measuring the appeal a company/organization has over MBA students.

In May, Vestas was rated the most attractive employer in a similar survey. The survey, which had 1,060 responses from engineering students, was conducted by Ingenioren, a Danish trade paper.

SOURCES: Vestas, Universum Group

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