Vestas Offshore To Supply Turbines For Trillium Offshore Project

Trillium Power Wind Corp. has designated Vestas Offshore as its preferred supplier for all four of its offshore wind projects currently under development on the Ontario side of the Great Lakes.

Combined, Trillium Power's four projects, Trillium Power Wind 1, Trillium Power Wind 2, The Great Lakes Array and The Superior Array, total approximately 3,700 MW. Developing these projects will require private-sector investment of $14.8 billion over a 10-to 12-year period, according to the company.

Trillium Power has agreed to deploy Vestas V112 3.0 MW turbines for their first offshore wind development, Trillium Power Wind 1, located off the mainland in northeastern Lake Ontario.

As part of its strategic agreement, Vestas will become the exclusive provider of up to 740 turbines, as well as a wide range of other services. Vestas will assist Trillium Power in determining the appropriate mix of turbines to optimize the power production at each Trillium Power site.

SOURCE: Trillium Power Wind Corp.


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