Vestas Launches New China Strategy


Turbine maker Vestas says it will introduce its most technologically advanced 2 MW variant turbines and new flexible service offerings to the Chinese wind market.

Reinvigorating its long-standing commitment to China, Vestas announced today a new strategy to secure profitable growth in the world's largest wind energy market. The Chinese wind market is making a fundamental shift away from prioritizing low upfront capital costs toward a focus on lifetime cost of energy considerations. Coupled with an additional shift toward low-wind sites, Vestas maintains it is well positioned to succeed.

The company is introducing to China what it hails as its ‘newest and most technologically advanced’Â 2 MW variants – the V110-2.0 MW and the V100-2.0 MW, both of which are well suited for low- and medium-wind sites, Vestas claims.

Additionally, Vestas notes that it will begin a more flexible approach to customary service, notably in allowing customers to tailor service packages. Although, Vestas maintains it will be done in ‘close collaboration’ with customers.

‘These changes in the China market play to Vestas' core strengths in technology leadership and service innovation,’ says Vestas CEO Anders Runevad. ‘They create new opportunities for Vestas to lower the cost of energy and increase business case certainty for our customers.’

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