Vestas Conducting Offshore, Energy-Storage Research Projects


Vestas has announced two research and development (R&D) projects. One involves cost-effective deepwater foundations for large offshore wind turbines. Vestas is also working on an intelligent energy management system that will introduce energy storage into a wind power plant.

The goal of the offshore project is to be able to design, construct and build cost-effective deepwater jacket foundations for very large wind turbines located far offshore in water depths of up to 70 meters.

‘The winners of the offshore race will be the ones that are able to deliver reliable products that can be installed at very large depths,’ says Finn Strom Madsen, president of Vestas Technology R&D. ‘This offshore project focuses on developing foundations that secures the highest quality possible at the lowest possible price.’

The intelligent energy management system for a virtual power plant will introduce energy storage into a wind power plant as an optional component for enhanced power generation control.

The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation is supporting both projects with an investment of DKK 55 million. The total cost of the projects is expected to be approximately DKK 110 million. Both projects are expected to be completed in three to five years.

SOURCE: Vestas

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