Veja Mate Offshore Project Announces Monopile Installation


The Veja Mate Offshore Project, a 402 MW offshore wind development owned by Highland Group Holdings Ltd., Siemens Financial Services and CI II, has installed 24 1300T monopiles in the German North Sea using jack-up vessel Seajacks Scylla.

According to the company, this constitutes one-third of its total monopile installation.

Veja Mate asserts the construction phase began on April 4, and contractor Offshore Wind Force (OWF), a joint venture between Boskalis and Volker Stevin International, completed the installation services.

“It’s quite an achievement to maintain installation speed of the world’s heaviest monopile with a newly built mega jack-up vessel and balance the requirements from the authorities,” says Rasmus Miller, foundation package manager. “After an initial learning curve, speed picked up; and on the 28th of May, OWF was able to complete installation of two monopiles in a single day.”

The Veja Mate wind park will begin the next step of construction next week – installing transition pieces – independently from the monopiles.

The project is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2017.

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