Utah Feeds More Money Into Renewable Energy Rebate Program


Due to the remarkable popularity of the Utah Office of Energy Development's (OED) Utah Renewable Energy Rebate Program (URER), the OED is adding $200,000 to the rebate fund's original $1 million. This expansion of the program means that, at this time, $370,000 remains to be allocated.

In the first 55 days since the launch of the program, over $830,000 has been allocated, leveraging $4.6 million of economic activity through 139 projects in communities.

The URER program offers rebates for wind energy, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal (hot water) systems. The rebate is $1 per AC watt ($2,500 cap) for wind, $1.50 per DC watt ($4,500 cap) for residential PV solar, $1.50 per DC watt ($25,000 cap) for commercial PV solar, and $40 per square foot ($2,500 cap) for solar thermal.

All systems will be subject to reasonable cost and 25% of total system cost limits. Those eligible for rebates must have the systems installed by a licensed contractor.

The URER program is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and aims to stimulate employment in grid-tied renewable energy construction and increase distributed renewable energy capacity.

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