University, MAG Establish Composites Institute


Philadelphia University and MAG are establishing the Philadelphia University MAG Composites Institute for research and development of new textile-based composites that could have wide industrial applications, including in the energy, aerospace and automotive sectors.

The new research institute will be funded in part by $1.1 million from MAG, a developer of automation technologies for producing composite structures and supplier of machine tools and manufacturing automation systems for the durable goods industry.

In addition to the new institute, the funding will also support a new bachelor of science engineering program with a concentration in composites. The first courses in composites will be offered this fall.

‘Composites are important in industry because they are lighter than steel or aluminum and thus provide engineers with a lightweight alternative for use in a broad array of structures for aerospace, automotive and wind-energy applications,’ says David Brookstein, Philadelphia University's executive dean for university research.

The Philadelphia University MAG Composites Institute will use analytical tools, such as finite element analysis, to design and research new textile-based composites from both two-dimensional and three-dimensional textile performs.

SOURCE: Philadelphia University

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