Two U.S. Projects To Use Goldwind’s PMMD Turbines


Goldwind has announced the sale of five turbines for projects in Rhode Island and Ohio. The company has now sold over 120 MW of its 1.5 MW permanent-magnet direct-drive (PMDD) turbines since establishing a U.S. presence about a year ago.

Goldwind was selected by the Gilbane Building Co. to provide three of its 1.5 MW PMDD turbines for the Narragansett Bay Commission wind project in Providence, R.I. The turbines will feature 82-meter rotors on 70-meter towers with blades manufactured at LM Windpower's Grand Forks, N.D., plant.

V.H. Cooper and Co. Inc. has purchased two of Goldwind's 1.5 MW PMDD turbines as part of the Cooper Farms' Wind Van Wert Project. The project will consist of Goldwind's wind turbines installed on 85-meter hub height towers. The turbines will also utilize blades manufactured at LM Windpower's Grand Forks plant.

The project will be interconnected through American Electric Power and will directly and significantly offset the electrical usage of Cooper Farms' facility with wind power, according to Goldwind.

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