Two Turbines To Power Shoreham Port Facility


Two Turbines To Power Shoreham Port Facility Medium-scale wind turbine manufacturer Norvento has secured planning permission for the installation of two of its nED100 100 kW wind turbines at Shoreham Port, near Brighton on the south coast of the U.K.

According to Norvento, the twin nED100 turbines will feed power directly to on-site pumps, which are responsible for maintaining the water level in the locked basin at the Shoreham port. While the annual energy consumption of the Pump House sits at 475,000 kWh, while the turbines are set to produce 555,000 kWh on average each year, more than meeting electricity demands.

Additionally, Norvento says, the turbine's reactive power controls will enable the installed machines to cater to the variable consumption profile of the pumps, which have been in place for over 40 years.

The project, scheduled for completion in August, will help Shoreham Port toward its goal of energy independence and establish a model for other ports and marinas throughout the U.K.

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