Two Pristine Power Wind Projects Advance In FIT Process

Calgary, Alberta-based Pristine Power Inc.'s proposed Ontario-based wind projects, St. Columban and Grand Valley, have advanced to the next stage of the province's feed-in-tariff (FIT) process. Pristine's economic interest in the projects is expected to range from 75% to 90%.

The proposed 33 MW St. Columban project is enabled by the Bruce-to-Milton transmission project that Hydro One currently has underway. The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) has indicated that the Bruce-to-Milton transmission project will have approximately 1,500 MW of capacity available for renewable power.

The St. Columban project is subject to an economic connection test (ECT), which will evaluate and rank the project relative to the other FIT projects for assignment of this capacity. Post-ECT contract awards are expected in the fall.

The proposed Grand Valley project has applied for 50.8 MW of capacity in the FIT program. A contract is immediately available for 10.8 MW with the remaining 40 MW subject to the Bruce-to-Milton ECT and ranking.

Prisitine and its partners are evaluating the awarded contract and ECT process in light of current construction plans to determine the ultimate capacity of the project.

SOURCE: Pristine Power Inc.


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