Two Met Towers Installed For S.D. C-BED Project


Dakota Wind Energy has installed two meteorological towers at the site of South Dakota's first large-scale community-based energy development (C-BED) project. Both towers are located in Marshall County.

‘As a community-based wind company, landowners have the chance to participate in various stages of the development process and have an ownership interest in the company,’ says Bob Metz, a South Dakota landowner and Dakota Wind Energy board member. ‘We are proud of the progress we are making, and each step is a building block toward a wind development that will provide a great economic resource for the community.’

National Wind Assessments, a division of National Wind, the project's developer and co-owner, plans to install another meteorological tower for Dakota Wind Energy in the near future.

‘Specific on-site wind data is needed to help determine the best turbine locations for commercial wind energy production,’ says Kevin Romuld, president of National Wind Assessments. ‘This data helps provide a complete picture of the impact a new wind farm might have on the surrounding terrain before it is built.’

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