TVA Resumes Renewable Energy Pilot Project

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is resuming new enrollments in its Generation Partners pilot project to encourage renewable energy use across the TVA service territory.

Qualifying wind, solar, biomass or hydroelectric projects of up to 200 kW will be eligible for the Generation Partners incentives, which include a $1,000 payment to offset start-up costs. In addition, TVA will buy 100% of the green power that participants produce, paying the retail rate, plus any fuel cost adjustment and a premium per kilowatt-hour, depending on the type of renewable energy produced.

John Trawick, senior vice president of commercial operations and pricing at TVA, explains that TVA is encouraging increased use of renewable energy as a growing part of its power generation efforts for the future.

‘Because many renewable electricity technologies are in the early stages of development, and currently not cost-competitive for widespread commercial use, we hope that programs such as Generation Partners – which help subsidize early adoption of these new power sources – will help foster their further progress and make them more affordable for the future,’ he says.

TVA briefly held up new enrollments last week to adjust to overwhelming customer response. Trawick says that of the 264 projects approved or completed through Generation Partners to date, 260 are 200 kW or smaller.

SOURCE: Tennessee Valley Authority


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