The Eye Of The Wind Turbine Inaugurated In Vancouver

Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd. officially inaugurated The Eye of the Wind turbine in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The wind turbine is completely privately funded and is capable of producing 1.5 MW of energy. The Eye of the Wind is expected to offset up to 25% of Grouse Mountain's entire operational electricity needs annually. Grouse Mountain and Italy's Leitwind Technology partnered for the project.

The various elements of The Eye of the Wind were sourced from 10 countries spanning four continents, with the structural assembly completed in fall 2009. Lifting over 290 tons of components represented a monumental feat to erect the three tower sections, hub, generator, nacelle, viewPOD and three blades.

The Eye of the Wind is equipped with an elevator accessing a panoramic viewPOD, providing an close-up view of wind energy at work.



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