Taller Wind Towers Acquires Northstar

Taller Wind Towers LLC has acquired Northstar Wind Towers' assets, which include the Northstar modular tower design and related intellectual-property rights.

The multi-panel sections of Northstar's modular design allow towers to be shipped on standard flatbed trucks, reducing transport logistics costs by up to 70% or more, according to Taller Wind Towers.

‘We see tremendous opportunity for our towers to provide more efficient power generation where prevailing winds are insufficient or marginal for conventional, tubular towers,’ says Jeffrey Willis, president of Taller Wind Towers. ‘Taller towers also allow developers to take advantage of the stronger winds at higher elevations, which results in greater production in virtually any location.’

Taller Wind Towers was formed in partnership with Grupo Verzatec S.A. de C.V. and Northstar Endeavors LLC to transition the Northstar modular tower product line into marketplace production. The new company will begin operating and doing business as Northstar Wind on Nov. 1.

Taller Wind Towers has retained the majority of the original Northstar Wind Towers management team to provide continuity and technological expertise. The company plans to construct a 23-meter prototype this fall near its headquarters in Blair, Neb. A 100-plus-meter demonstration tower is scheduled for erection in 2011, with full production facilities expected to open by 2012.

SOURCE: Taller Wind Towers LLC


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