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Wind Energy Tops Coal, Natural Gas in Southwest Power Pool

In 2020, Southwest Power Pool (SPP), a regional transmission organization, became the first grid operator to have wind as its number-one fuel source -...

Wind Provides More New Capacity than Natural Gas

Solar, wind and hydropower provided 85.7% of new U.S. electric generating capacity during the first two months of 2020 - notably more than natural...

Total Domination: Renewables Account For Majority Of New U.S. Capacity (Again)

Exceeding newly installed capacity from natural gas, nuclear power, oil and coal combined, renewable energy sources made up a big chunk of U.S. electrical generation put into service in 2016.

FERC Approves CAISO’s Tariff Changes For DER Aggregation

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) says it has received federal approval for a new framework aimed at driving distributed energy resources (DERs) into...

U.S. Renewables Outpaced Natural Gas By Landslide In Q1, Says Report

Setting a new lopsided quarterly record, U.S. renewable sources (i.e., wind, solar, biomass and hydropower) outpaced – in fact, swamped – natural gas by...

What Does Supreme Court FERC Decision Mean For State Renewables Programs?

Last week, the Supreme Court found that a Maryland program to promote in-state generation through a guaranteed capacity payment was preempted by the Federal Power Act.

New Capacity From Renewables Is 3,500 Times More Than That From Coal: Report

Statistics from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission show how wind helped renewables beat fossil fuels in 2015.

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