American Clean Power Appeals to FERC for Grid Interconnection Improvements


The American Clean Power Association (ACP) has filed comments with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) highlighting multiple opportunities to improve the interconnection process for wind energy and energy storage projects.

ACP says over 1.4 terawatts of clean energy resources are currently in interconnection queues across the country, but regular delays and the assignment of unreasonable costs frequently prevent projects from moving forward. ACP’s comments on FERC’s proposed rule would provide greater certainty on the costs and timing of interconnection and would balance the needs of utilities and generators to produce a more predictable and fair system.

“The pace of clean energy deployment in the United States is fundamentally determined by the speed of transmission interconnection processes,” says JC Sandberg, ACP’s chief advocacy officer and interim CEO. “The clean energy industry is ready to build an unprecedented number of wind, solar, and storage projects – but outdated interconnection rules, increasing delays, and excessive costs are holding back projects across the country.”

ACP says it strongly supports FERC’s effort to reform interconnection rules and processes nationwide and get projects moving again.

“We urge rapid improvements to the interconnection process that will unlock clean energy, create jobs, and reduce emissions while also ensuring reliability and reducing costs of electricity,” Sandberg adds.

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