Study: Fresh Kills Could Sustain Wind Farm


Staten Island borough president James P. Molinaro applauded Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to develop new sources of renewable energy and pointed to the former Fresh Kills landfill as the only site in New York City that has been tested and found suitable for a wind farm.

At a National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas, Bloomberg announced New York City's first steps toward developing new sources of renewable energy, including offshore wind farms.

‘Fresh Kills, one of the country's worst ecological nightmares, is poised to become New York City's first wind farm,’ says Molinaro. ‘It is the only site in the city that has been tested and proven suitable for a wind farm.’

Last year, a 14-month feasibility study conducted by the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency and upstate BQ Energy concluded that there is enough wind at Fresh Kills to sustain a wind farm. Seven 400-foot wind turbines would generate 17.5 MW of energy, which is equal to 3% of Staten Island's energy use.

‘Private companies would compete for a lease to develop a wind farm at Fresh Kills at their own expense, at absolutely no cost to taxpayers,’ adds Molinaro. ‘All that is needed is for the city to begin the process.

A public hearing on the creation of a wind farm on Fresh Kills will be held Sept. 4.

SOURCE: Office of the Borough President

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