Students Fund Green Projects On Vermont Campus


Green Mountain College students have voted to fund 15 student proposals that are designed to improve environmental sustainability on the campus for years to come. Each initiative is funded by the Student Campus Greening Fund, financed through a $30 allocation from each student's annual activity fee. Proposals are evaluated by a student committee, and awards are based on a student vote.

This year, 15 projects were funded at a total cost of $49,654 set aside. Student Campus Greening Fund projects include the repair of a campus wind turbine; construction of a mobile, solar-powered workshop; and a campus-wide compost collecting program.

‘We review the proposals and help the students get feedback and advice from local community partners,’ says Steve Carpenter, a co-director of the fund and one of six students on the committee. ‘We also coordinate with the administration, including the facilities department and the land-use committee, to be sure the proposals can be put into action. We want to be sure the final product is something that can be maintained by students in the future.’

SOURCE: Green Mountain College

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