Statoil Considers Sites In Scotland, Norway And Maine For Demo Site

Norwegian energy company Statoil AS is considering two sites off the coast of Scotland for a floating wind turbine demonstration site, Bloomberg reports.

The company is also looking at sites in Norway and Maine to test the commercial potential of its Hywind project. Bloomberg reports that Statoil plans to choose the site in 2011, according to company spokesperson Oistein Johannessen.

In 2009, StatoilHydro and Siemens installed a large-scale floating wind turbine approximately 12 km southeast of Karmoy in Norway at a water depth of about 220 meters.

The Hywind project was developed by StatoilHydro. Siemens supplied the SWT 2.3 MW wind turbine, which has a rotor diameter of 82 meters.

SOURCE: Bloomberg


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