State Senator Criticizes Delay Of Implementation Of Wind Zoning Rules


A Democratic state senator from Wisconsin is calling on state senate Republicans to stop blocking the implementation of uniform wind energy zoning rules.

‘The Republicans are tilting at windmills, standing in the way of green job creation and hundreds of millions of dollars in investments in renewable energy projects in Wisconsin,’ says State Sen. Mark Miller.

In its 2009 session, Wisconsin's Senate passed legislation on a bipartisan vote to require uniform, statewide zoning of wind farms and directing the Public Service Commission (PSC) to create a wind siting council made up of stakeholders and other interested parties to develop rules for where wind power developments could be located.

Miller says that the Republicans' blocking implementation of the rules has created regulatory uncertainty and already led to the termination of two projects that would have brought millions of dollars in new investments to the state, created jobs on the project sites and among affiliated businesses, and delivered over 250 MW of clean power to Wisconsin consumers.

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