St. Lawrence Seaway: Shipping Of Wind Turbine Components ‘Booming’


Shipment of wind turbine components is ‘booming,’ according to the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corp., which credits the transportation of turbine components to the company's more than 400% increase in year-to-date general cargo shipments.

‘Shippers carrying wind component cargoes continue to send vessels into Great Lakes ports,’ explains Rebecca McGill, St. Lawrence Seaway's director of trade development, adding that the oversized pieces move economically by water to ports, where rail or trucks move them to site destinations.Â

For example, a large shipment of turbine components arrived in June at the Port of Oswego, N.Y., and the nacelles and hubs are destined for a project located in Howard, N.Y., about two hours away, explains Jonathan Daniels, Port of Oswego executive director. In addition, some blades and tower sections were shipped to a project in Euclid, Ohio.

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