St. Joseph Wind Farm In Manitoba Begins Producing Power


The first group of turbines at the 138 MW St. Joseph wind farm in Manitoba is now producing energy, according to the province's Premier Greg Selinger.

‘As one of the largest wind farms in Canada, this project builds on Manitoba's position as a leader in renewable energy development, complementing our existing hydroelectricity supply, geothermal activities, biofuel production and aggressive energy-conservation programming,’ he says.

Manitoba Hydro and Pattern Energy negotiated a 27-year power purchase agreement. Work continues on the balance of turbines, and they are expected to be fully operational in the next month.

The total cost of the wind farm, located about 100 kilometers south of Winnipeg, is estimated at C$345 million. Pattern Energy will also pay landholders in the rural municipalities of Montcalm and Rhineland a total of C$38 million over the life of the project.

The St. Joseph wind farm covers an area of 125 square kilometers of privately owned agricultural land in the two municipalities. The 2.3 MW turbines are set on towers that are 80 meters high.

SOURCE: Office of Premier Greg Selinger

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