SkySpecs To Demonstrate Drone Inspection Of Wind Turbines


Want to see drones in action for wind turbine inspections? SkySpecs will be demonstrating its automated drone technology at the upcoming Wind Energy Expo/WindEurope Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Taking place on Sept. 28 at 2 p.m., the invitation-only demo will show off the 20-minute, automated inspection. The single push of a button launches a drone, which surveys all sides of three blades to collect high-resolution images that can show cracks, erosion, lightning strikes and other anomalies. Data is immediately sent to a Web portal for viewing, annotating and reporting.

“SkySpecs uses advanced sensors like Velodyne’s Puck, a 3D laser scanner, to construct models of wind turbines in real time,” explains Tom Brady, chief technology officer of SkySpecs. “Once the general shape and structure of the turbine is understood by the drone, onboard software creates a precise, repeatable and optimized path to collect all of the pictures and other data needed for the inspection.”

Registration for the demo can be found here.

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